Monday, November 10, 2008

Runway Model I am NOT!

Last week I sucked it up and realized that not even the strongest Bella Band will allow me to continue to wear even my largest pairs of jeans not to mention that I was really testing the STRETCH in my stretch work pants. So I went shopping and to my (relieved) surprise, long gone are the days of moo moos and big shirts.

My main goal was work clothes because I'm sure that my comfy sweats would be against the dress code. Being the cheap consumer I am, I entered the Mommy Store and headed straight for the Clearance Rack in the back of the store where I obtained a couple of cute pieces. After about an hour in the fitting room, and changing everything I chose from a large to a MEDIUM (YEAH!), I left the store with enough pieces to make outfits to last me the remainder of my preggoness. (*A special thanks for HTB (Hubby to be) for being what he calls a pack mule but who I call WONDERFUL!*)

So for those who, like me, are waiting for the last possible second to buy maternity clothes let me tell you... WAIT NO LONGER. These clothes are so comfy that they give my comfy sweats a run for their money and if you're lucky enough to be preggos during a sale, the amount you spend will not be too bad. I actually spent the same amount that I would normally spend on my regular clothes. I know, Maternity clothes should be on a different scale since you don't really wear them for long but you know something... I am so comfy that I may just continue wearing them well after McNubbin's arrival. I hear the Bella band makes a great tube top to corporatize a plunging neckline ;-)~

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Anonymous said...

You should post pictures of your self in your awesome new maternity clothes!