Friday, May 29, 2009


Lots of things change when you have a baby. Things like running out to the market for milk or the pharmacy for toiletries become alot more involved especially if you don't have someone to watch the lil one for those few minutes. I find myself currently home bound for the majority of my days since giving birth. Not that I'm complaining because ultimately I am a homebody but sometimes it seems like the world is passing me by. These are the times that I truly miss being pregnant. It's a whole different situation when they stop being carry-ons and are now on the outside.

It's been about a month (wow time flies) and although I do get invitations to go out complete with hubby offering to take care of babykins, I feel like I have grown very comfortable in these 4 walls that I find myself declining. I just feel like I'll miss something. Everyone tells me these days are precious and that I should cherish every minute. I know it's still VERY early but I feel like I'm wrong for not wanting to go gallivanting with my girlfriends.

The hubby does go out occasionally (very seldom) because he needs to unwind since he has stresses at work but I don't necessarily feel that need. I am satisfied with the occasional outing to the market or recently with the short walks we do as a family. When does it stop being housebound by choice and begin being hermit like?

More pics (1-2 Wks old)


Sarcastica said...

Awh my future daughter in law is so purdy! :)

I sorta know what you mean. I stay home all the time too, and although I get a little cabin fever I love being home with Nolan. We go out for walks during the day, and when the weather gets nicer we will spend a lot of time in the back yard chilling out. I do occasionally need breaks and times where I can not worry and just sleep, but I find that even when Matt gives me those times, I don't take them. I keep coming in the room not to fret but just because being away from Nolan feels weird.

After this Monday when we finish his bedroom, we will be moving Nolan into his own room...and I have NO idea how I'll react to that situation lol. I want to do it before we both get separation anxiety, right now Nolan doesn't notice where he sleeps at all.

I probably will get even less sleep because I'll be going into his room and checking up on him quiet often lol

Anonymous said...

First of all..... awwwwwwwwwh! And secondly I am afraid of becoming just like that when the baby comes. I have a tendency to be like that without a baby. Oh my. But I'm sure you'll figure it out.