Friday, June 12, 2009

The Pricess and The Magic Pillow

Once upon a time, there was a young princess who was sooo beautiful that people came from far and wide just to gaze at the small beauty. She was perfect in every way but as most new arrivals, she could not sleep. The Queen understood that she had to dote over her at all hours of the day and night until the princess gets accustomed to her new surrounding. She doted over her princess day and night and maintained with a few hours of sleep. As a matter of fact, she was so eager to please that actually began sleeping semi-upright in order to get up as quickly as possible to tend to the cranky princess. Small price to pay to keep the princess content.

But alas the lack of sleep began to take it's toll and the usually patient Queen began to behead anyone who would say, do or look at the wrong thing especially the King. This made the King very weary and since he had an entire Kingdom to run and needed his beauty sleep he began to question the Queen's ability to satisfy the needy princess. The kingdom floor was covered in eggshells so the number of kingdom dwellers began diminishing as well.

The Queen sought advice from the Elders to find out if there was anything she can do to put the princess at ease enough to get a few more hours of sleep in order to save the kingdom. Unfortunately, the only words they provided was "Don't worry, it gets better". As much as the Queen had faith in these wise words, the darkening of the circles under her eyes left her unconvinced.

So she visited her local apothecary and picked up some potions that were sure to help her cause. These Little Remedies provided relief for colic and gas and various other ailments that caused the princess discomfort. After just one dose of the gas potion, a noticeable difference in contentment washed over the cranky princess.

Although the princess showed noticeable improvement in mood, her sleep habits left much to still be desired. She slept on a self maintained schedule but the Queen still was left tired. The Queen didn't mind the night watches if only she would be able to catch up during the day.

The Queen decided to take matters into her own hands and sought a happy middle ground with the Princess. After various one sided talks with the Princess, the Queen was struck with a BRILLIANT idea. "Why didn't I think of it before?!?" She exclaimed as she ran to her own bed. After that morning's feeding, the Queen placed the princess on the very pillow that helped her through many a sleepless night. A king sized pillow that was the perfect mix of soft and firm, soothed the cranky princess who slept in the Queen's arms for the extra few hours her majesty needed to function.

Awaking refreshed, she was able to keep her princess happy and maintain the kingdom which satisfied the King greatly. Thanks to the magic pillow, the Royal Family lived ...

HAPPILY EVER AFTER! (for now...)


Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting some sleep. =)

Are you bottle feeding? Cause if you are you should try the Doctor Brown bottles, they are a bit pricey and a pain to wash, but they are great for gas and colic.

Have you tried swaddling her in a blanket? I still swaddle my 5 1/2 month old.

Anonymous said...

This is such a cute post! And thank goodness for the Queen to find the pillow. I would invest in a lot of money for a good nights sleep.

Bittersweet Confusion said...

Maria, I'm breastfeeding (no fuss and minimal cleanup) but I'll keep those in mind when she is in the bottle stage. And I LOVE THE SWADDLE! Whomever thought of wrapping kids up like a burrito was an absolute GENIUS!!! Unfortunately she was so fussy at the time that even swaddling didn't do the trick. It turned out to be a mix of gas and what I call "baby's fear of missing something interesting"-itis... LOL

Kitty - Thanks and you're right! There is no price tag on a good night's sleep.