Friday, June 5, 2009

Tick Tick Tick

My lovely SJP is now officially one month and about a week and as much as I am loving this time with her, I can't help but dread the inevitably. Yup, I mean the evilness that is GOING BACK TO WORK. Not that I am not thankful for having a job to go back to especially in these times but the thought of 8 hours without looking at this face makes me feel queasy. I am trying to enjoy every moment (like everyone tells me) but I can't help but think I'm going to miss something. According to the packet I received in the mail, I will be returning to work roughly a week before her 3-month mark and although I am blessed to have my mom to babysit but I want to be there. Gosh what I wouldn't do to be independently wealthy so I can sit at home and be there every minute of every day and not miss ANYTHING! Of course I'm providing not only the video camera but the still shot one so she can take tons of pictures! LOL! Unfortunately she probably won't get too many since she also has my niece in her charge as well. Oh well. What can one do? I have to make due with the 1000's I take like these...

On a lighter note, yesterday was a major mommy milestone. It was SJP's one month doc's appointment and I survived it on my own. You see I am what they call transportationally challenged. In other words, I am not an owner of a license thus no car. Wouldn't be a problem if her doctor was closer but her doctor is on another borough of NYC. Close but not close enough to not need some sort of mechanical transportation system. Usually I get to my clinic by subway but with no shots and the swine flu run a muck, not chancing public transportation at this point. Last time I had the hubby to do the heavy lifting but this time I was going solo. Was so nervous that I almost forgot to tell the cab where we were going. LOL! But I made it, got through the appointment pretty well except for the part where she peed on me. Why is it that they can't weigh them with a diaper? Can't you just minus an oz like you do for shoes? SHeesh!

Speaking of the flu, my family FINALLY got over there's, so I was able to take the baby over there this weekend. This was the first official meeting of the cousins and I have to say that there was chemistry between them. I can already see them getting into mischief together. =)

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Anonymous said...

Wow mommyhood in NYC must be rough! I don't know what I would do without my car.

Good luck with going back to work. I know that must be tough. I would bribe my niece with weekly (insert whatever she would be into that's also cheap) in order to make sure she took pictures .... DAILY. :-)