Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Things I've neglected to do but will... EVENTUALLY!

So out of everything that my husband (*note to self* gotta think of a cool pen name for him) the last thing I expected was him to ask me about whether or not I still blog. I mean seriously he only knows I have one and the one he knows about is one that I haven't written to longer than I've written here. The sad thing is that I really didn't really have an answer for him. I mean I have had times where I wanted to post (and didn't). I have the blogger app on my IPhone (unused since installation) and I have created a much angrier blog (which I will not share) in which I vent in raw fashion (completely out of character for me but it's therapeutic nonetheless).

I meant this blog to be about my trials and tribulations as a new mom but of course time to actually sit down to type something understandable has long since been a fantasy that I have let go of. It's been a year since McNubbin was born and let me tell you for the first few months things like showers became more of a luxury than an everyday occurrence. I honestly think that's why they give us maternity leave... In the first few weeks any dainty femininity is thrown to the wind and replaced with t shirts covered in spit up and *accidents* and alot of not so pretty things nobody wants to witness let alone your employer. Not that I'm complaining... those 3 months with my daughter were awesome. Made me really want to be a SAHM sometimes. I have fantasies of making healthy breakfasts and lunches and being all June Cleaver like but alas bills need to be paid and living in NY a single income family is no longer in existence (well not in my corner of it anyway).

Here I am, long passed the newborn, breastfeeding, cooing lump phase and now the mother of a full fledged walking, talking (she said MAMA on Sunday) 1 year old and all I can think about is all the things Ive wanted to do but didn't.

So here I am making a list of things I want to do (learn) before her next birthday..

1. Cake Decorating: I was bitten by this bug a few years ago (proven by the collection of Wilton emblem bearing kitchen gadgets) but since I now have at least one birthday cake to bake/decorate per year, I want to make it special thus method education is necessary.

2. Quickutz Sillouette: During a particularly lazy Sunday, I was up early (never happens) and realizing that apparently every channel at that time is infomercial central, I was suddenly intrigued by a jolly looking lady saying things like "with just a press of a button" and "how cute is that?!?". As I watched paper being cut into Disney characters and fancy words, I never wanted to be a scrapbooker more in MY LIFE! But previously fallen victim to the infomercial demon, I was able to stand my ground just long enough to google the crap out of the subject. I didn't end up buying the "with just a push of a button" machine (it needs expensive cartridges SOLD SEPARATELY) but I ended up purchasing it's less costly (not by much) PC font friendly cousin. Number of times used: 2 (1 if you're counting successful projects). Now since I am now a mom I may make up have reasons to need titles and pictures cut out of cardstock.

3. Adobe CS4 Suite: Digitally collecting dust on my PC, I think I should really learn to use the program for more than just removing the permanent dark circles from my eyes.

4. Drivers license: Yes I know being 28 with no license is SHOCKING but being a NYer, my mode of transit is controlled by the MTA. Unfortunately now that my friends are getting older, they are moving further from the city where a car is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Also having a lil person makes traveling via public transit more of a chore.

5. My website: Once upon a time I wanted to start a business. A sweet business full of confections on sticks. I paid for the name and various other website fees INCLUDING hosting. Now if you go to the site there is a logo and a long forgotten dream cleverly disguised in the words 'Under Construction'. Truth is construction ended there since I became a bit busy constructing the future *insert super cool yet important world changing profession here*. So now that the lil one is a bit more manageable (yeah I chuckled too) and I received an email confirming my 2 year renewal, I may just want to get that going again. At least I'll have the hope of making some additional money respectfully instead of breaking out the acrylic heels to pay for the lil ones' preschool tuition. Just sayin'!

So that's all I can think of for now. Do you have a Life To Do list?

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