Monday, April 13, 2009

Sneak Peek

Call it intuition or just call it impatience, I just feel that SJP will make an appearance before her scheduled April 30th date. I'm officially @ 37 weeks and I swear this kid will be out and about any day now.

Although I cry at the drop of a hat, I have to admit that my pregnancy has not been a bad one. It's been so good my hubby may even consider letting me do it all over again. ;-) Now that I only have 3 weeks I feel like there is so much to do and not enough time to do it.

Remember the nursery... yeah not done. I have the crib but haven't put the crib set on yet. I'm hoping that the Hello Kitty one arrives soon due to a freakish order that was confirmed and then canceled for no reason (at least not one that they provided). It was a gift from my mom which she was very disappointed didn't arrive. I should be receiving it within the next week or so. The border and decals are still in their original packaging and I'm getting more and more exhausted by the day.

I have washed, folded and put away most of the wonderful clothes that we received at our baby shower (pics coming soon) which only made me realize that the dresser that his mom gave us is not nearly big enough to hold all of her little clothes. Unfortunately, the dresser drawers are really shallow so even rolled up, her onesies fill up 2 of the 4 drawers and that is not even all of it. Good thing she has her own closet where we can hang up all of the cute outfits she received.

Her Bassinet is assembled and clothed (plain crib sheet) but is still currently filled with the "to be hung up" clothes that are in need of hangers which we need to buy soon. We have everything we ultimately need (stroller,car seat, humidifier,Baby Champ, Diapers, Bath Tub etc.) but have no where to put them so they are all in the nursery.

Exhaustion is mostly affecting the cleanliness of our new home in a very bad way and hubby is doing as much as he can to keep it under control. I'm trying not to go too nutz with designing and sending out the thank you cards for my shower and ultimately the baby announcements. My feet decide that now is the time to begin the whole SWELLING thing and hubby really believes that I'm going to let him confine me to a bed (or couch) with my mental to do list!

All this and still having to work for well... work. I'm going totally nutzo... Then I see this face
and I know it's ALL worth it! =)


Sarcastica said...

My new home is also seeing the bad side of my exhaustion, I try to stay on top of it but Matt and the cat don't help. SIGH

I can't wait to see baby shower pictures!

Anonymous said...

I too can't wait to see the baby shower pics. :-)

I'm only 28 weeks but am already feeling the exhaustion and inability to do the stuff that absolutely needs to get done. UGH.

Good luck with everything and I hope you feel good soon.

Sarcastica said...

Baby yet?!?!

Anonymous said...

We are all WAITING!