Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cribs, Viruses and Baby Announcements

For the record I had the following to-do list in a draft post that never got published...

1. Pick out the pictures we want for the overpriced album the photographer insisted we wanted (now I'm not so sure).
- Icksnayed the whole overpriced photo album since I'd rather just scan the pics and make a digital scrap book (whenever I get the chance that is).

2. Pick out the pallette and theme for the nursery.
- We decided on Lavender and Hello Kitty... pics to come soon =) Word of advice to anyone who cares, take the painter's tape off the wall BEFORE it dries. We learned this the hard way. Hubs still cringes at the fact that I made him go back and touch up all the areas the where tape took the paint off the wall with an artist's brush.

3. Assemble the lovely wood chest my new mommy-in-law and aunt in-law sent us as a gift.
- This was an adventure but it has been done... I love my husband but it seems that there are some things we can't do together. Assembling things is one of them. I swear if I wasn't pregnant he would have thrown the screwdriver at me countless times! ;-)

4. Get out the Thank You Cards for the fam who came to the wedding shindig
- After several trips to Staples for ready made thank you cards. I decided to print them out myself so my last Staples run was for special card stock and ink. Hubby loved the cards but hated that it took me about 4 hours to get them printed. It was all worth it though. They got raving reviews! =)

5. Call the Crib Store Lady to find out the ETA of my Baby Dream Crib
- The Crib has arrived and is ready for pickup. Hubby will have a new project =) This time I think I'll just supervise (Like most men, he scans the instructions and wings it the rest of the way).

6. Do the Baby Announcement Template so all I will have to do is paste a pic of my lovely SJP and send out.
- This is not done but soon will be. Mr. Sandman apparently likes to visit me earlier and earlier these days.

7. Make another checklist of things we need to do before I pop.
- This includes, pre-registering with the hospital, making me an overnight bag, putting the finishing touches on the baby's room, assembling the bassinet/co-sleeper, cleaning up the mess I call my bedroom closet.

So much to do and now I hear that there's some sort of computer virus that will be set to go off on April 1st. What it does ... no one friggin knows but everyone is in a huff over it and me being an IT person have to deal with people coming to me a billion times today asking what's a firewall and how do they get one. Erg! Yes I'm friggin google! So in closing, update your antivirus definitions, turn on at least the Windows Firewall and don't go on sites you don't know on April 1st.


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Anonymous said...

I can not even tell you how much I sympathize with you on #2. And post pics of the room! Sounds cute.