Thursday, February 12, 2009

I suck... ok let's move on.

Yes so I haven't blogged in FOREVER neither here nor on my other blog. Why you ask? Well besides the fact that SJP (Previously McNubbin) has been draining the little bits of brain cells I have left, I also am officially a MRS!!! Despite the fact that the hubby (previously the BF) and I felt like we were an old married couple for quite a while now... There is something about signing your single life away in blood legally. It was a City Hall Shindig but being that NYC wants to rival Vegas as a marriage hotspot... We got hitched at the newly renovated NYC Marriage Bureau. Although a bit on the cheesy side, it was a major step up from the old yellowing office look where the only place to take pictures was the Flag by the window.

Being that I am out to HERE, of course comments of shotgun wedding echoed the halls (or maybe it was just my imagination) but I was a blushing bride none the less. I had the perfect maternity dress that at times (usually when someone stood in front of me) I hardly looked preggos! So here my dedicated readers (the ones that haven't given up on me) I would like to apologize for being a blog slacker but just know it was for good reason.

On the Baby Front: I had my 29th week appointment and everything is going smooth. Blood is great and I even passed the dreaded Glucose test on the first try. So color me happy!


Also in other News... a Great contest is going on at Soft Landing. Be sure to check it out!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You look beautiful!

Sarcastica said...

Congrats!!! You look so beautiful! That's amazing!!! I'm dancing for you (well, from my prego feet hurt!)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! You are GLOWING!

J and J Acres said...

Congratulations!! You look beautiful AND happy!!