Thursday, February 12, 2009

I suck... ok let's move on.

Yes so I haven't blogged in FOREVER neither here nor on my other blog. Why you ask? Well besides the fact that SJP (Previously McNubbin) has been draining the little bits of brain cells I have left, I also am officially a MRS!!! Despite the fact that the hubby (previously the BF) and I felt like we were an old married couple for quite a while now... There is something about signing your single life away in blood legally. It was a City Hall Shindig but being that NYC wants to rival Vegas as a marriage hotspot... We got hitched at the newly renovated NYC Marriage Bureau. Although a bit on the cheesy side, it was a major step up from the old yellowing office look where the only place to take pictures was the Flag by the window.

Being that I am out to HERE, of course comments of shotgun wedding echoed the halls (or maybe it was just my imagination) but I was a blushing bride none the less. I had the perfect maternity dress that at times (usually when someone stood in front of me) I hardly looked preggos! So here my dedicated readers (the ones that haven't given up on me) I would like to apologize for being a blog slacker but just know it was for good reason.

On the Baby Front: I had my 29th week appointment and everything is going smooth. Blood is great and I even passed the dreaded Glucose test on the first try. So color me happy!


Also in other News... a Great contest is going on at Soft Landing. Be sure to check it out!

4 comments: said...

Congratulations! You look beautiful!

Sarcastica said...

Congrats!!! You look so beautiful! That's amazing!!! I'm dancing for you (well, from my prego feet hurt!)

MariaG097 said...

Congrats! You are GLOWING!

J and J Acres said...

Congratulations!! You look beautiful AND happy!!

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