Thursday, January 15, 2009

I officially love my OB!!

In these hard times, every little bit counts. As most preggo ladies do, I take daily prenatal vitamins to bridge the gap between the vitamin rich meals and the empty calorie ones that we all love so much.

Fortunately, I have insurance that covers most costs but $30 for a bottle of vitamins can really add up. This was the topic of conversation at my first prenatal appointment. With all the financial hoopla that is occurring, I questioned if the prescription stuff was any better than their over the counter equivalents and the doc said although they are pretty much the same, the beauty of the one he gave me is that I only have to take one pill a day as opposed to 2 or 3 that some vitamins require. This sold me because A - I'm lucky to remember to take it once a day and 2 - the price difference wouldn't be too much if I have to take double the dose. So I sucked it up and called it a necessary evil and figured this will be the least of the expenses that comes with a bundle of joy.

Then a few weeks ago, my pharmacy informs me that I would need my doctor to call in another prescription since I was on my last refill. No problem, I call my doc, he says he'll take care of it. I pick up my prescription today and I notice that the wrapped package was a bit bigger than usual and the prescription was $10 more. This struck me as odd but figured it may just have changed from a bottle to a blister pack or something and the price difference was due to the beginning of the year and my deductible. Being that I was late to work, I paid for it and just stuck it in my bag and forgot about it.

Once I got settled, I opened the package and realized that there was a 3-MONTH supply. My doctor apparently heard my cries of poverty and wrote the prescription for 90 vitamins instead of the 30 pack which increases the co-pay but getting 2 extra bottles for $20 more. Awesome Awesome Awesome...

Can you tell how happy I am?!? Who says money can't bring happiness! =)


Anonymous said...

Your doctor is awesome! I was taking a single pill prenatal until they changed the formula to include fish vomit. Well, I can't prove that, but I could make a case about it I'm sure. So I had to switch.

My doctor's nursing staff gave me enough vitamin samples to last me thru the entire month! I was pretty stoked. Only downfall is that they are a 2 pill a day kind. Better than fish vomit. Trust me.

Wanderlusting said...

Geez, only know discovered your other blog! I need to keep up with times :P

Bittersweet Confusion said...

Kitty - I'm thinking fish vomit is DHA and you can totally get that OTC. Look for Expecta in your Pharmacy. It's another pill but you can take it at the same time as your one a day vitamin and it'll only set you back about $10 a month. They also have a $2 coupon in most boxes so you save even more. Another tidbit from my OB. I love that he recognizes poverty when he sees it LOL!

Wander - WELCOME!

Sarcastica said...

I take a single Lifebrand pill everyday, and my OB is perfectly content with it. It's 30 bucks but there are 100 pills :)